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Infant Head Spine Array

The Infant Head Spine Array (IHSA) allows interrogation of the central nervous system (brain, spine). Routine T1, T2 including advanced MRI sequences such as DTI, MRS and 1cc 3D acquisitions are routinely possible using parallel imaging.

Considerable SNR improvement is seen with the IHSA over commercial adult sized head arrays without significantly compromising uniformity. Optimized design offers enhanced SNR over the newborn brain and spine.


The IHSA is intended to cover the brain and spine newborns in one clinical setting. There is no need to move the baby or change the imaging coil for multiple MR exams.

Age Group

95th percentile 0-6 months

MRI Safety

This device is MR Safe


AAMI/IEC 60601, CSA 22.2, FDA 510(k), Health Canada Licensed, CE


Photo 2: JJ xxxx870. Cardiac baby. Scans 1 week apart; scan A 3 days pre Rx, scan B post septostomy day 10 and scan C post surgery Day 17. Scan A & C neonatal quadrature head coil 2:50 sec. Scan B IHA GRAPPA 1:41 sec or 40% reduced scanning time. Signal measures slightly higher on scan B with same background noise

Photo 3: AD xxxx073. Left focal seizures, 6 weeks age. Not sedated due to pulmonary infection. Left periventricular heteropia. MRS single voxel TE 144 100 av. 3:00 scan. Excellent S/N

Photos 4-5: One day old infant with periventricular intracerebral bleeding (ICB) and signs of peri medullary siderosis (deposition of iron in tisue or environmental disease of lung). Courtesy: Drs. Eva Bultmann, Prof. H. Lanfermann, Institute for Diagnostics and Interventional Radiology, Medizinische Hochshule Hannover (The Hannover Medical School)