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Comprehensive Maintenance and Service (CMAS) Program

SREE Medical offers the CMAS program (MRI incubator only) directly to our customers in USA and Canada.

Outside USA, Canada – Please contact the specific agent/distributer who sold you the equipment.


This program provides comprehensive service and maintenance support coverage on-site, to the extent possible, for the incubator, trolley and backup power supply box including any hardware, software upgrades or modifications for the specific product model(s) purchased by the Customer. The CMAS Program includes the following:

Equipment Maintenance & Service

Trained service personnel will keep your equipment operating to specifications. Work will include detailed visual inspection, functional test, safety checks, error triggers, alarm check, diagnostic checks and assessment of equipment damage to evaluate possible misuse.

On-Site Planned Maintenance 

Equipment will be inspected, evaluated, safety tested, performance tested and MRI tested. Maintenance of the incubator, trolley and battery box shall be done so to bring/keep it within performance specifications. Worn out, wear consumables will be replaced including other parts per maintenance schedule.

Performance & Safety Testing 

Performance tests verify that the equipment is operating according to specifications. Safety tests are performed on the electrical system of the incubator and battery box electronics, the alarm mechanisms and major components. This will involve working with the hospital biomedical engineers to measure leakage currents with calibrated hospital equipment. Performance tests are multiple-fold, to evaluate the incubator performance when powered by AC wall outlets and the battery box, outside and and inside the MRI suite.

Repair Parts 

If we find any component needing minor repair during planned maintenance, we will provide the necessary labor and parts required for repairs required to bring the unit to meet all specifications. This helps eliminate the need to generate extra paperwork and purchase orders and more importantly the costs associated with unbudgeted and unanticipated repair expenses.

Warranty on Parts and Labor 

Incubator parts are quality tested and backed with a 90-day warranty. All of our parts are quality tested to ensure superior performance with our system. Please refer to Section 9 of the Terms and Conditions for details.


Repair and replacement of parts covered by this agreement is limited to failures or adjustments needed due to normal use of the equipment. This agreement does not cover repairs or parts in the case of equipment damage, improper or misuse of the equipment, maintenance or storage. Defective equipment due to improper or inadequate maintenance, repairs done by a third party not authorized by SREE, unauthorized modification, operation outside of product specifications, misuse, abuse, negligence, accident, improper operation are not covered under this contract. Repair under these circumstances will be quoted in advance and work done under a hospital purchase order.

Accessories including but not limited to patient table, mattress pads and straps, and items such as connectors and adapters, cables, power cables and sockets, mechanical housing covers etc. are excluded. Coverage to other devices such as the SREE MRI coil(s) and devices not manufactured by SREE, such as the ventilator, monitor or infusion pump are not included. They may be purchased from the respective original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) directly.

Travel Charges & Unscheduled Labor 

Two, unscheduled service and one, annual planned maintenance visits are covered in one year. Additional travel or unnecessary travel to attend forced service calls, including service performed and parts replaced shall be invoiced.


Support by phone, fax or email will be provided. Office hours are 8AM-5PM Mon-Fri (est). On-site services provided between 9:00AM and 5:00PM (“normal working hours”), Monday through Friday excluding national holidays at the Customer site. For emergency support provided OFF “normal working hours”, consult factory for details.

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Customer Satisfaction is our Primary Goal. To ensure this is accomplished, customer feedback in the form of audits or surveys will be conducted which will assist us in the evaluation and the future direction we may take to achieve our goal. Customer co-operation is sought.

Outside USA & CANADA

Note the CMAS program may not be available outside of the USA and CANADA or if you bought the SREE MRI Incubator from our agents/distributers.

For local service programs offered by our agents/distributers, please contact them directly.

Please contact us for more details.