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We believe successful research collaboration with extensive testing to result in safe and reliable devices, both are essential for product success.

We encourage and welcome academic university based hospital collaborations and with the industry on competitive public and private sponsored research projects of mutual interests.


Academia & Industry Research Collaboration

Pediatric research areas of interest to us are the developing brain, neuroscience, human connectome project, congenital heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), broncho-pulmonary disorder (BPD), liver iron delivery, renal disease, necrotizing enterocolitis (nec), mitochondrial disease, muscle function, neurodevelopment prediction and others.

MR imaging research areas of interests are reduce RF power deposition (SAR) in babies, parallel imaging, parallel transmit, very high-field MR, MR spectroscopy of the brain and muscle, multi-nuclei (31P, 23Na, 13C etc.) spectroscopy MNS, fast image acquisition, enhance image and spectral quality, 3D-DTI, zero TE imaging, eliminate motion artifacts, software vendor independent packages for pediatric patients, effective respiratory and cardiac gating and others.


Multi-Nuclei MNS Solutions Research

Occasionally, we provide university based research groups with custom solutions to image adults and pediatric subjects with dual tune (head, flex) coils, necessary to perform human multi-nuclei spectroscopy (MNS) experiments under local IRB/ethics committee approval.

If we are unable to provide unique solutions, efforts are made in-house to find a solution elsewhere in the best interest of satisfying our customer.